How to

In Safari
  • How to run MomoCast extension
  • How to play videos within webpage on TV
  • How to mirror webpage on TV
We will take look at.

Register MomoCast

After pressing , press .

Turn 'ON' (Cast by MomoCast).

Run extension

After pressing , press (Cast by MomoCast) to run MomoCast extension.

Sending video to TV

We will explain how to send the video in webpage to TV and play using the video sample below.

  1. Press the on top of the screen
  2. Select the TV
  3. Play the sample video

Video control screen will pop up when is pressed while the video is playing.

Pause, Resume, Stop function will available, and play location can be changed.

Live Streaming is currently not supported.

If Chromecast does not show up in the list, please refer to Chromecast Troubleshooting.


Let us take a look at how to mirror webpage to TV.

Webpage mirroring only works when video is not being played.

If the video is currently being played, close the video first, then proceed.

  1. Press the on top of the screen
  2. Press the 'Send the webpage to TV'

Screen rotation mode will be applied.

When iOS device's screen is rotated horizontally, full screen will be shown on TV.

Currently, there is 2 seconds delay while mirroring.

Close extension

Press 'Close' to end the MomoCast extension.

Current video will continue to play if the extension was closed while video was on.